[10 Besar Depicta 2019, ID: 120] Habitus

[10 Besar Depicta 2019, ID: 120] Habitus

Karya Khusus : “Beginning” – Yayasan Lembaga Cornelis Chastelein’s Building (YLCC)

Deskripsi : “Based on the article about Cornelis Chastelein’s research proving that his last will was about liberation of his slaves and granting the land for them. These people were subsequently known as the ancestors of Depok. In the 17th Century YLCC’s building used as house of pastor who served Immanuel’s Church within a period of 200 to 250 years. Then, in the mid 19th Century, the Pastor’s house has been functioned as the office of “Yayasan Lembaga Cornelis Chastelein”. The Foundation established to continue the teachings of Cornelis Chastelein, which is to improve the quality of education, physical and teaching of Christianity. Nowadays, YLCC also has a mission to protect the history of Depok.”

Karya Umum : “Map of Depok”

Deskripsi : “The map illustrates various events and attractions around the city that show Depok as a perfect location for all your event needs! This project inspired by antique map prints and the work of MacDonald Gill (1884-1947). The process included sketching out wireframes of where each structure would be located, how best to depict pathways and routes, also to look interesting and fun while being functional as a guide.”

Nama Anggota :

  1. Muhamad Dwi Rochmansyah
  2. Mochamad Aditya Supardi Putra